Wheel2Wheel Rulebook

§1 Lobby Settings:

  • Practise: Off
  • Qualifying: Short Qualifying
  • Race distance: 50%
  • Weather: Dynamic
  • Session Starting time: Realistic (unless announced otherwise)
  • Car performance: Equal
  • Parc-Fermé Rules: On
  • Car Damage: Full
  • Collisions: On
  • Safety Car: On
  • Formation Lap: On
  • Race Start: Manual
  • Corner Cut Strictness: Strict
  • Rules and Flags: On
  • Ghosting: On (unless anounced otherwise)

§2 Allowed Assists:

  • Brake Assist: Off
  • Gearbox: Driver preference
  • Traction Control: Driver preference
  • ABS: Driver preference
  • Dynamic Racing Line: Driver preference
  • Pitstop Assist: Off
  • Pitstop Release Assist: Off
  • ERS: Manual

§3 Raceday and Racestart

  • The race starts on Monday 9 pm German time (8 pm UK time). The host will create the lobby and invite all members of the league. Make sure you receive a backup invite, so you can join back in in case of a disconnect.

§4 Behaviour on track:

  • As the name of our League suggests we aim to have a lot of action on the grid. However, we encourage everyone to always keep the battles clean. Collisions in between cars should be avoided if possible.
  • Intentionally crashing out other drivers results in a permanent ban from the league.
  • When you spin out of the track (either because of contact made with another driver or a personal mistake) make sure to rejoin the track safely, without compromising the race of other cars.
  • During Qualifying make sure to let drivers currently on a Hotlap through, if you are not on a fast lap yourself. Blocking another driver on a hotlap results in a Qualifying Ban.
  • If the staff feels like a driver does not suit into the league he will be removed.

§5 Reports, Penalties and Penalty removals:

§5.1 Reports

  • After each race drivers have the opportunity to report potential incidents in the Stewards panel of our forum for 48 hours after the race start (9 pm cest - Wednesday). If you want to report an incident make sure to provide all the informations needed. Make sure to read this thread: How to submit a steward enquiry on how to create a proper Steward enquiry.
  • The other driver(s) involved are given 24 hours after the initial report to make a defensive statement and/or post clips of the incident from their own view.

§5.2 Penalties

  • The stewards will make a decision if a Penalty is handed to one of the drivers involved in the incident within 48 hours after the incident is closed (Saturday - 9 pm). Penalties are added to the total racetime of the race the incident occurred unless the driver did not finish the race. In that case the Penalties are added to the total racetime of the next race the driver finishes.
  • On top of the time penalty, the punished driver also receives penalty points.

§6 Behaviour Offtrack

  • All drivers are encouraged to stay friendly towards each other. We know sometimes emotions are hard to control, but we are all only human and mistakes happen
  • If a driver behaves in a toxic / racist / sexist way he will be warned and if the admins feel like he can not control his temper at all, might get removed from the league.

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