How to apply for a spot in the Wheel2Wheel racing league?

Hello, and Welcome to the website of the Wheel2Wheel Racing League,

so you want to become an active member of our league? In this article you can figure out how to apply, so you can join the action as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to create a thread in the General forum and tag an admin, or join our Discord Server: and we will try to help you out as soon as possible! There's a channel set up called "guest-questions" for that purpose.

1) Create an account on this website. Unfortunately we have to make you create an account before being accepted to the league, because of issues with bots.

2) In the Subforum Application create a new Thread and fill out the following survey:

  • Whats your Steam ID? - You can find it by hovering over your name on Steam, click on "Profile" and just copy paste the URL. Example:
  • Previous League Racing Experience? - Briefly illustrate your previous Racing Experience to us. (example: 2 Seasons in League A, 1 Season in League B) If you do not have any previous experience, that's no problem at all! Just make sure to read over and follow the Guidelines to clean Racing in a Multiplayer environment.
  • Assist Used? - What assists do you intend on using in the Wheel2Wheel Racing League? (example: Traction Control medium, Automatic Gears, ABS, Racing Line)
  • Have you read and understood the rulebook?
  • Are you willing to complete the full Season in the League?

3) Make sure to add Screenshots of Time Trial times (either the "End session screen", or just a time set within the last month from the leaderboard) as an attachment. Please really try to put in the fastest lap you can, so we can get a good idea of how your abilities match up against the other drivers. The times have to be set in Great Britain (Silverstone) and Austria (Red Bull Ring) in dry conditions, using the Mercedes AMG Petronas.

Update 02/06/19: Our admin team agreed, that having our members do timetrial in F1 2018 is not giving us enough information about your pace in the new game, as the handling of the cars is probably going to vary quite a bit. Therefore we will ask you to hand in F1 2019 time trial times after the new game is released. In the meantime you can either add the F1 2018 time trials voluntarily or apply without time trial times. The latter might result in us having to reject you your spot in the league later on, when you end up being too quick / too slow. To avoid that from happening it is highly recommended to give us an idea of how quick you are, by adding the F1 2018 time trials anyway.

4) Also add a Screenshot of a recent speedtest performed on to a German server as an attachment.

5) Make sure to read the rulebook: Wheel2Wheel Rulebook

6) Wait until we see through your application and put you into a tier. In the meantime you can already join our Discord Server: to hang out with the other members.